Who do you think you are? Wife. Mom. Digital Marketer.

Hi there, everyone, and welcome to SEM MOM! This website has been a work in progress over the past year or so. You see, I’ve been a bit busy with a full-time job and 16-month old toddler, but I am thrilled to finally have it up and running. I still have quite a few things to figure out, but I am enjoying the learning process. I would love your feedback and any tips/recos for getting started with a new website and blog.

So, who am I? And, what is the purpose of SEM MOM? My name is Julia Berg, and I am a wife, mama, and digital marketer located in Minneapolis, MN. I am currently employed at Capella University as their Manager of Paid Search and I LOVE MY JOB! I love it so much that I often find myself working in the evenings after the babes is sleeping.

So, I decided that time would be better spent sharing some of my tips and best practices with others. I also have a desire to help minority and women-owned businesses get ahead through digital marketing. That’s where SEM MOM comes in. I know how hard it is to balance being a mom, wife, and full-time work while still pursuing passions and aspirations. I am here to help make your online advertising seamless so that you can focus on everything else on your plate. And, I am hoping we can have some fun while we are at it (hence, the fun mom sayings – hehe).

Here are some of the topics I am planning to write about. Let me know if you have others that are top of mind:

1. Profitability-based bidding (show me the money)
2. Account structure recommendations
3. Match type optimizations (broad match=just say no)
4. Budget planning and forecasting
5. Excel tips and tricks (yes, we will nerd out)
6. Measurement/Attribution
7. Dashboards & reporting (nerd out x2)
8. Account audits & optimizations cadence
9. Ad copy testing
10. Google algorithm changes (it’s Google’s world, we’re just living in it)
11. And more!

Looking forward to connecting with you and reading your comments.



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